Robert Llewellyn Dow





Robert Llewellyn Dow
Born August 28, 1928 in Corinna, Maine
Died July 21, 1980 in Exeter, Maine of lymphoma

Married on May 4, 1956 to

Pauline Monique Fleury
Born April 7, 1933 in Ste. Claire, Canada

Children - all born in Dexter:

Denise Ann - born August 10, 1957

Diane Marie - born November 31, 1958

Deborah Jean - born May 24, 1961

Dennis James - born November 12, 1963



Known as Bob, for the most part, the ninth of Charles and Addie's children was already an uncle before he ever made an appearance. He attended Corinna Union Schools with his nieces and nephews, many of whom gave him the nickname "Uncle Bugs" early on. (If you see photos, he DOES have rather large ears....)

After high school, he and several nephews joined the Navy and he served our country during the Korean conflict.

After marrying his lovely bride, he moved to Exeter, Maine where he lived only three miles from his in-laws, Raoul and Marie-Anne Laflamme. He remained close to all his siblings despite the differences in their ages and was especially close to his nephew, George (Sonny) Gallison.

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